These are games I am working on or have worked on!

A short description is below each game. More information for each game is available by clicking the banner.

Starseeker Bibi: CARGO CHASE!!

Starseeker Bibi: CARGO CHASE!! is Take your freight to the next level -- outer space! Classic arcade game style.


Cursor (Working Title)

Cursor (Working Title) is a game with gameplay styles similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Cur is a tanuki that spelunks to make a living and gets caught up in trouble with a nearby village on his adventure. My most ambitious project next to Sakura.


Marble Maze TILT!

Marble Maze TILT! is like your standard maze -- but you're a marble! Find the hole to finish the stage! Click the banner to visit the webpage.


Mori (Working Title)

Mori (Working Title) is a game similar to the Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon series! You will be able to build up a town and expand your home, farm, and meet villagers!



PFR is a "rhythm" game where you speed along a track making your own music. Kinda like Thumper but with different goals.


SEGASONIC Special Rush

SEGASONIC Special Rush is an endurance arcade game with algorithmically generated tracks based off the classic Sonic game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and its "special stages".


Sakura (Working Title)

Sakura (Working Title) is a game about dreams. It's up to you to find out what it means. Planned to have lots of character customisation and world exploration. My most ambitious project revealed.


XG-Clone (Working Title)

XG-Clone (Working Title) is a racing game taking inspiration from the Nintendo 64 hits Extreme-G and Extreme-G 2.


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