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Joining Coffee Paw Studios

Hiya gang ! Welcome to my personal blog ! What a way to kick it off, an announcement that I'm joining another dev team. This doesn't mean I'm abandoning Hybrid though. But this new group should allow me some minute form of additional income, along with more experience doing development work with a team. I'm very excited to be joining this team and offering my wide variety of skills to them.

Coffee Paw Studios is a team made up of a lot of my friends who I trust both socially and creatively. I didn't intend to join initially, but their creativity and direction posessed me and I was inspired. While I can't talk much about the project I'm working on with them, I can say that my exhibition of environment art and level design was well-received and I was inducted almost immediately.

So far, I'm very proud of the textures and designs we've made collaboratively. The game has such a unique look and as soon as I'm able, I'll share what I can. Please look forward to more from Coffee Paw !